A Norfolk carer tells us about certain local businesses who’ve been making life easier as we urge more firms to become ‘carer friendly’.

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65 year old Marilyn Palmer from Kirby Bedon cares for her husband Doug, 75, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2013. Recently, Marilyn became separated from Doug in John Lewis, Norwich. After searching the store for some time and failing to find him, she became distressed. Immediately, two members of staff came to her assistance and [...]

Julie tells us about working at Norfolk Family Carers – whilst also being a ‘sandwich carer’

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Julie Izzard works as a Family Care Adviser at Norfolk Family Carers but is also a carer herself - or more precisely a 'sandwich carer' (someone who looks after children and parents). Julie's dad has MS and her step mum has dementia so Julie knows all too well the rewards and challenges of caring, as well [...]

Beat Blue Monday by celebrating and thanking a family carer you know

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Monday 15th January is said to be the most depressing day of the year due to a combination of factors such as weather and post-Christmas debt but here at Norfolk Family Carer, we're urging you to beat the blues and take the opportunity to be grateful to someone who gives their time to look after a family [...]

Shopping online for Christmas presents? Why not fundraise for Norfolk Family Carers at the same time. It’s free and simple.

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It has to be one of the simplest ways of giving back this Christmas. Every time you buy something online, you can choose to give a small donation to Norfolk Family Carers. This donation doesn't come from your wallet - it is a small commission paid for by the retailer. First up, you will need to [...]

Talking about: Mental health

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  It can be difficult sometimes to talk about your own or another person's mental health. Earlier this year, we teamed up with the EDP,  to break down some of the stigma around mental health and put the spotlight on how caring for someone with a mental health condition can affect carers’ own mental health and [...]

Carers in Norfolk are being urged to book their flu jab, as the annual NHS vaccination programme gets underway.

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A good time to think about staying well this winter. Norfolk Carers is teaming up with local pharmacies to encourage people who look after a friend or relative to stay well this autumn. Susanne Anderson is from Norfolk Carers: "If you're looking after someone who is ill, frail or disabled and you go down with 'flu, [...]

Fears family carers will be forced to pick up the pieces as work begins to cut £31 million from Norfolk’s social care budget.

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Nearly one in eight people in Norfolk look after a relative or friend who cannot manage on their own due to mental or physical ill health. Caring for someone else, although rewarding, can be challenging and it’s feared these struggles are set to get worse as Norfolk County Council begins work to make huge savings in its [...]

Young Adult Carers ‘torn’ between caring and their own ambitions.

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Young Adult Carers often have very little time to focus on their own goals and ambitions and can feel torn between their caring responsibilities and pursuing their own dreams, according to Norfolk Carers Support Young People's Services Manager, Catherine Bibb: "Moving to independent living is a milestone every young adult hopes to achieve, but it is not without [...]

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