Four of our Young Carers are doing something really different this half term.

They are practicing hard with the Rosie Kay Dance Company at Norwich Theatre Royal ahead of a performance of a brand new dance piece on Tuesday 4th June.

The main Rosie Kay Dance Company will be performing the Ten Soldiers, a dance performance closely associated with and based on the experiences of soldiers in the British Army.

Our young carers were invited to be part of a dance troupe made up of 30 local young people who will be performing the curtain raiser ahead of the main performance. The young carers tell us their dance is based on PTSD and supporting each other.

Our young carers are not trained dancers and some have not danced before so a totally new experience. The routine is complex and they are aching in places they didn’t know they had!  One of them told us “I’m loving it. Is really fun but quite hard work. I am excited about the performance although worried when I think how many people will be in the theatre”

If any of you see the performance let us know what you thought.

Big thank you to Norwich Theatre Royal and The Rosie Kay for letting our young people be part of this event.