We were recently able to help 86 year old Peter Matthews from Caister-on-Sea by spending time at his home to help him complete an Attendance Allowance form. Peter cares for his wife who has poor mobility and hearing loss. He told us he simply wouldn’t have been able to complete the 45 page form without our help.

Peter said the opportunity to discuss the many important points on the application form took a great deal of pressure off him at the time.

We know that some people find filling in forms difficult – emotional even – as some of the responses can be so personal. Our experienced Family Care Advisors can come to your home to help. To find out how we can support you or someone you know, please call 01603 219924.

As well as help with form filling, we can provide personalised support to a carers to help them:
• Access services and organise practical support
• Manage finances and learn about grants
• Make sense of options, such as finding paid care
• Better manage the stresses of looking after someone
• Balance caring responsibilities with the rest of your life
• Understand your rights, for example as a carer at work

We also have a free information and advice line which is open from 10am to 4pm, Mon to Friday. Call us on 0808 808 9876.