One of the key aims of our Transitions service for Young Adult Carers is to help young people reach their full potential and achieve their goals and aspirations.

Caring for someone can make it challenging to remain in education, training or to find employment opportunities with carer aware employers. Giving the young people the chance to explore different career options is really important.

Last week we were offered a brilliant opportunity for some of our young adult carers and their support workers – to visit the KLM Engineering team at Norwich Airport.

They had a brilliant time and it exceeded their expectations. How often do you get to actually explore the inside of an empty plane and in particular the cockpit?

It also opened their eyes to potential different career options “The trip was different and enjoyable” One young adult carer commented “I probably wouldn’t have considered engineering but it was nice to learn something new”. Trey is already on a course but appreciated the chance to see the theory in practice “I am already learning in the academy but it was good seeing the work environment outside the education as I’m doing theory but that’s the real work”

Thank you so much to the whole team at KLM. We really appreciate your support for the young adult carers.