Thursday saw twenty excited young carers gathering at Norfolk County Snow Sports for this years  Christmas activity, Tubing!

Many of them had never heard of tubing before Vikki, Claudia and Hayley,  their support workers,  suggested it as a different activity  option they may like to consider . Once they understood what it was they were all keen to give it a try. None of them had tried it before but it certainly lived up to expectations and everyone had a great time. Confidence grew as they got over their first descent and loads of laughter, jokes and generally having a great time.

This was followed by a buffet lunch and time to chat.

We love having the chance to encourage new experiences, socialising with peers and having fun. This quote from one of the young carers sums up the day.

“I had so much fun at this event today I’m glad I came most fun I’ve had in ages! Also got to catch up with my fellow carers and laugh and joke which makes a change!”

The final run of the day was everyone coming down together. Click on the video to have a look.


video – whole group