Norman Lamb MP, a long-standing supporter of carers, receives his new copy of the Norfolk Carers Handbook at The Carers Information Day in Norwich.

Norman Lamb MP, a long-standing supporter of carers, receives his new copy of the Norfolk Carers Handbook at The Carers Information Day in Norwich.

A scheme to bring the local community together and make a difference to the support unpaid carers receive in North Walsham, is being launched in the town this Saturday, 17th June.

Norman Lamb, MP, will officially open The North Walsham Carer Friendly Network, a partnership set up by Norfolk Carers, along with several other local voluntary groups and organisations.

The aim is to help groups and organisations gain a better understanding of the support that’s available to carers, and to improve communication and joint-working between the groups. It’s hoped the initiative could really benefit the health and well-being of people in the town.

Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk says:

“Carers deserve our recognition and gratitude for the inspiring work they do. Too often, however, this work goes unnoticed and the needs of carers are overlooked. Being a carer can be an immensely challenging, isolating experience. We have to do more to support people who look after a loved one – to help them to look after themselves and be able to live their own lives as individuals. The launch of the North Walsham Carer Friendly Network is therefore incredibly welcome. I hope that by working together as a network, local groups will be better able to identify carers who are in need of extra support and ensure that they receive the help and advice they need.”

Peter de Oude from Norfolk Carers, is developing the “Think Carer Programme”, he says:

“The North Walsham Carer Friendly Network is a very positive development at the heart of the community, which means that unpaid carers will be better connected with each other, and local groups and organisations, and so be better informed about what’s available. We know that this peer support complements clinical care, benefits carers’ day-to-day living skills, self-esteem, physical and mental health and well-being, and their strength and ability to cope with the demands of looking after someone.

The growing number groups that are joining the network offer such a diversity of support which means that fewer local residents will reach crisis point – one of the main aims of our Think Carer Programme.”

The Carer Friendly Network is being launched by Norman Lamb at the Roman Catholic Church Hall, Norwich Road North Walsham. The event, which includes information stands and talks, starts at 10.00 am. Local groups and members of the public are welcome to attend.

Norfolk Carers Advice Line has information about the North Walsham Network as well as other groups and events in Norfolk. The Advice Line can also provide practical and emotional support for unpaid carers throughout the county. Call 0808 808 9876, Mon to Fri 9-5pm, Sat 10-2pm.

Current members of the North Walsham Carer Friendly Network include: Norfolk Carers, North Walsham Good Neighbour Scheme, Furze Hill Dementia Cafe, Voyager, St Nicholas Parish Church Alongside Scheme, Roman Catholic Church Support Group.