We are urging you to get in touch if you have any concerns or worries about the health or independence of an older relative after spending time with them at Christmas.

You may have noticed that an older relative is struggling to manage, or that one parent has become a carer to another and may now need more support for themselves after spending more time with them during the festive period.

In 2018, we are launching our ‘Caring at a Distance programme in 2018, which aims to offer personalised support packages to those who are, for whatever reason, unable to spend much time in person with a relative who needs help.

The organisation’s Jo Phillips, “We’ve been receiving calls for some time from people who live outside of the county and would like more support to help care for an elderly relative who lives in Norfolk. Sometimes we hear from people who live in Norfolk but are very busy in full-time work and need help to cope with some of the challenges involved in caring for a relative.

We can offer practical support, support with money matters, advice on navigating health and social care services and much more. People often find themselves worrying about the well being of an elderly relative without much guidance on what to do next. Our Family Care Advisors are able to make home visits to get a true picture of what a situation is like. They can then let you know what support might be available to help older family members remain happy, healthy and independent, where possible.”

Norfolk Family Carers has been supporting unpaid carers in the county since 1993 and has a wealth of experience in helping people who look after a friend or a relative. Getting the right support at the right time is vital in helping unpaid carers continue in their caring role.

For more information about how we can help you or someone you know get on top of your caring role, please call 01603 219924.