Our young carers were keen to join in with the 2.6 challenge starting on Sunday 26th April. They will be raising funds to support the costs of running their young carers groups.

If you would like to support them click on the link below


The groups are currently being run virtually, as we are unable to meet face to face, so the young carers will be taking part in an online glow stick party dancing for 26 minutes.  Sounds a great idea to keep spirits up in these challenging times!

They will also take part in further challenges at their next online groups:

  1. Stand on one leg for 2.6minutes
  2. Head shoulders knees and toes for 2.6 minutesblack logo tag
  3. Star jumps for 2.6 minutes
  4. Floss for 2.6 minutes
  5. Stick out your tongue for 2.6 minutes
  6. Lie on your back and do a cycling motion with your legs for 2.6 minutes
  7. Hold your arms straight out in front of you for 2.6 minutes
  8. Jog on the spot for 2.6 minutes
  9. Balance a book on your head for 2.6 minutes
  10. Wave for 2.6 minutes

We will be sharing lots of photos and the young carers would love it if they could help raise lots of money whilst having fun.

If you would like to take part in your own challenge to help support the young carers you can find out all about it on


Thank you.