Young Carers Family Breaks


Despite the challenges of COVID 19 this project has been a huge success and the fund is now depleted.

We are hoping to raise more funding in the future to enable this much needed service to continue but in the meantime you may find The Family Holiday Association helpful, more information can be found here:

For future updates on our Young Carers Family Breaks or any of our services please follow us on Facebook at:  /NorfolkFamilyCarers


What some of the Young Carers had to say:

“We had the best time ever,  I even made a new friend” – Tyler, aged 12

“I loved the Motor Cruise, there was this back bit to stand on and it was amazing. I loved it I want to go back next year. We saw swans and I splashed mummy with my paddle” – Darcy, aged 9

“I loved my holiday it was really nice to spend time with just mum, the best bit was getting in the outdoor pool when it was raining but the pool was heated” – Alfie, aged 12

“My favourite part was making huge sand castles, I enjoyed everything” – Harrison, aged 7

What some of the Parents to say:

“We all had fun on the holiday. Just spent time together relaxing.  It made it feel more manageable. Showed there are positives in life – we can have fun together as a family” – Zoe, Felthorpe, March 2020

“The break has allowed us to relax and enjoy some fun time together where we were not constantly having to think about making things accessible. The children could also see Dad being ‘capable’ of doing more things rather than just being poorly” – Katie, Rougham, July 2020