Young carers from all 4 of our groups spent a hilarious and active afternoon at the UEA Sportspark due to the kind sponsorship and support of CarShop Norwich and UEA Sportspark.

The first half of the event was based around schools sports days with giant egg and spoon race, skipping, space hoppers and lots of other favourites. Competition was stiff but the range of activities meant that everyone had their favourite and the winning teams changed from event to event. Skipping seemed to the be least popular!

After a much needed drink and snacks the second half was all about goggles and football! After trying out the goggles  and surprise at the effect ” the floor is sloping” ” I feel all wonky” “I’m going downhill” the Sportspark team initiated a lively game of football followed by a penalty shoot out. The goggles meant many missed kicks and lost sense of direction.

Lot of happy, hot and tired young carers headed home.

Big thanks to all the staff at the UEA and CarShop Norwich for proposing and arranging the activities and everyone at Global’s Make Some Noise for their co-ordination.